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Gorgeous Vintage Beadwork

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The art of adorning objects with intricate patterns of beads began hundreds of years ago. In the West it started mainly with the Plains Indians in the mid 1800's. Prior to that they mostly used porcupine quills, shells, wood beads and natural elements. With the spread of the european immigrant, the introduction of glass bead created a new evolution to their design. In fact they were used as a practical trading currency in the American Old West. The art of loomed beading blossomed and adorned everything from dresses, jackets and day wear to whip handles and eating utensils.  The trend continues today in jewelry and accessories and has experienced a bit of a comeback with the new bohemian style. Up your style and indulge yourself in a new gorgeous beaded necklace or loomed native belt. It may even have a personalized name or thunderbird on it.  It will up your coolness factor and give you that relaxed western vibe that everyone wants to emulate.

Satisfy your Wanderlust

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The first day of Spring has just passed and our cubicles and office work just can't keep our attention. Our turn outside and dream of warm days filled with adventure! Motorcycle trips up the canyon, watching the desert sunset...And think what will be on the menu for that first neighborhood barbecue. Unfortunately the weather in March as volatile and tempestuous as a two year old. One minute calm and 65 degrees...the next its all storm clouds and slushy snow showers. Cue sad face. So to satiate our wanderlust - grab a vintage guidebook and replenish your stash of vintage postcards and make a travel bullet journal of all the places you will go when the sun finally comes to stay. 

We have stacks and stacks of visual Americana to get you in the mood for baseball, parties and picnics. Maybe you should reach into the box pull out a postcard and plan a trip there. You may fall in love with the spontaneaity of it all and find a new favorite getaway town. Austin? Cinncinati? Flagstaff?! Who knows!

Don't forget to include home base as a starting point of all the adventures. Salt Lake City is a proud little city with a rich heritage and gorgeous landscapes. Maybe a staycation is order if you have never been to the state capital or been mountain biking in Park City. Outside of the city the Great Salt Lake and Antelope Island...not to mention all of our state and national parks...alas those are too grand to cover in one post so I will save their juicy secrets for later.


Start your adventure here at Capital City Antique never know where it might take you! See you soon!

Victorian Seed Packets - Free Download Printables

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With the first days of fall - we harvest our last ears of corn and tomatoes, clip back our rosebushes and we get ready for the apple harvest. I thought a free printable would be an appropriate treat for the beginning of Autumn. Use it for greeting cards or for actual seed packets if you are an avid gardener and have a few of your heirloom seeds to store for the winter. Download the full size here or below on the large image.  Enjoy! 

 via  Jodi Lee .

Google has arrived in Salt Lake City...and they came to the Capital City Antique Mall!

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So if any of you are fans of Google and its gaggle of products - you will be super stoked to know they have now chosen us to be one of the lucky cities to receive the lightning fast internet service known as Google Fiber.  Hurrah! And to put a cherry on it - the designers of the Utah Google Fiber office came to Capital City Antique Mall for their decor. They chose items which showcase Utah and its history, as well as items that were the signature Google blue.

So they are a shining example of how to incorporate a few curated piece into a more modern or contemporary design. Take a look at their gorgeous office downtown! We are so glad you are here Google! If you are interested in finding more you can visit their office in Trolley Square or just visit them at their website online here.


True Story of a guy who found a fortune in a box of Antiques

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Ever have the fantasy of finding some hidden treasure amongst the cobwebs, mismatched dishes and broken furniture of your grandma's attic? Some little overlooked bit of history that you could take with you to the antique roadshow and become an instant millionaire?! Believe me I am an avid daydreamer and I have had such grandiose fantasies. Alas, neither or my grandmothers have attics.  *Sigh* All they have are spare closets full of childhood memories, trinkets from decades, board games and old coats that smell like my grandfather.  Although these things have meaning and interest for our family history, I doubt the quilting cloth and sand paintings from the seventies would amount to any kind of great fortune....but wait there is still a chance. If you are like me, and have no source of familial treasure or attics or basements of antiques to pour through - you still can find something! Come to the Antique Mall! And although you may think everything has been found - it hasn't. 

Now lets talk about the hidden fortune that was found by one unsuspecting antique lover. He was at an antiques auction and bought a box of negatives on a whim. There were several boxes in the lot and he got it out of curiosity. He began to look through the negatives and found they were expressive, poignant and full of moving portraits and perfect moments. He had discovered Vivian Maier.  Who praytell is that you might ask? Well, she was best street portrait photographers of her time, and no one even knew who she was. None of her work was ever shown, or even printed in her lifetime. And she never got the recognition for the artist that she was...until now. 

The entire story of this incredible find is now a documentary which I highly recommend. The trailer is here on youtube.

Now her beautiful work is shown in exhibitions in London, Chicago, New York, Spain and literally all over the world. And because she had no living relatives or heirs - all the profits and income from her beautiful work goes to the one who found it. A treasure in a forgotten box at an antique sale. Take a look at a sample of her gorgeous portfolio - you can even see her self portrait if you are looking closely.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 1.27.03 PM.png

I can't guarantee riches, but its a possibility there is an overlooked 1920's tiffany lamp or box of negatives with your name on it! Remember, half of the adventure is in the hunt. Moral of the story, remember that before the Satorialist and Bill Cunningham ever took a photo, Vivian Maier was there. And the one who rescued her work from obscurity was someone just looking through some old antiques. So get yourself to Capital City and happy treasure hunting!

Nautical or Nice? Bringing the Summer Indoors.

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As summer begins to heat up - we seek refuge in the cool waves of the lakes and beaches that surround us. Visions of boats, blue skies and warm days taunt us as we work indoors waiting for the few precious holidays that dot the summer calendar like oyster pearls that sparkle in the sun. Welcome the warm breezes and relaxed atmosphere of the seaside into your home by incorporating nautically inspired items into your decor. 

1. Vintage bottles - Reminiscent of sea glass, alone they look gorgeous or in a grouping.  Arrange your sea treasures in bottles or collect sand from your next adventure for the beach. Either way it creates a stunning display that will immediately put you oceanside.

2. Oars - They add a lovely bit of nautical flair and the weathered wood always pairs nicely with crisp whites or cool blues. Lean them or hang them or make a bed out of them either way you would be crazy not to pick up on this trend.

3. Lanterns, Life floats, ships rope or anchors, anything coming from a ship is fair game. It also can be used literally or as a pattern or shape. 

4. Textures and palette. Cotton fabrics in soft shades of the sea and sky, weathered zinc, copper or painted woods, sisal and seashells and navy stripes all contribute to a fresh new look that can transport you the minute you come home.

 Many of these lovely photos came from the stylings of Sarah  here  or from  the snug

Many of these lovely photos came from the stylings of Sarah here or from the snug

5. Maps - there are an abundance of maps in the creative commons that you can print for your own personal use. This gorgeous antique map of the world is available for free download here . Just print it and put it to use. Enjoy!

Come see what antiques we can procure to get your home shipshape and sea inspiring! Antiques ahoy!


DIY First Aid Kit

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Its official, Summer is here and with it comes high adventure, pools, backyard projects and barbecues, family gatherings and hours of outdoor play. Now with every woodworking project, hike, camping trip or pool party there are bound to be a few slips, spills, slivers and skinned knees. So like any good boy or girl scout - you should be prepared for almost anything. But instead of heading to the local grocery store - lets go to Capital City Antique Mall!

We are going to make our own kit with our very own vintage box!  This DIY First Aid Kit combines form and function and will hold a place of honor in your home - and in the end it is cheaper and better for the environment than buying dozens of disposable plastic kits from big box stores that never seem to have more than two bandaids and inexplicably thread and a needle. So here is a list of what you need to get your kit going. 

1 - Find a box - wood or metal works best. Old army surplus containers or file boxes are especially useful. 

If you are lucky you may come across an actual first aid box but if not the patina is usually wonderful and if not with a few coats of paint and a red cross sticker you will be in business. 

There is a gorgeous DIY here detailing how she scrubbed, then painted and sanded and painted again to create a glossy white enamel look. I like the look of the round swiss cross so I would use the stickers here but you can also purchase a diecut red cross from amazon. Either way take a look at her finished project. 

So now that you are finished with the exterior - painted or left alone we move on to the second step.

2 - If you have not already done so - thoroughly clean and disinfect your box. Bleach mixed with water (using gloves of course and adult supervision) or vinegar should do the trick.

3 - Last step fill your box with essentials, the red cross has a list from their site.

The Red Cross recommends that all first aid kits for a family of four include the following:

A bottle of water, sunscreen and some hard candy or honey sticks wouldn't hurt to have in your kit either, 'cause sun stroke and heat exhaustion are no joke. Add anything else that you might think you need - or anything that your doctor recommends. Bearing in mind of course that if you need medical treatment you should consult a doctor or a hospital as your kit will not always save you. ( i.e. we are not doctors nor do we dispense any advice on treatment etc.) 

Now you get to step back and enjoy your handiwork. Now give yourself a nice pat on the back and go make yourself an icy drink - you deserve it.

Memorial Day

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Many Americans view Memorial Day as an opportunity for a three day weekend or as the official beginning of summer. Most don't even know the meaning or history of Memorial Day.  

Well, allow me to educate you if you don't know the history of this special day. Today is the day to honor those who have fallen while fighting to preserve and protect their country.  The freedoms that you and I enjoy are thanks to the men and women who have died fighting for us. We have been given the gifts of freedom and relative peace because of their sacrifice, and Memorial day is a day for us to honor and respect their deeds and lives. 

My Grandpa served in WWII as paratrooper in the 101st Airborne division. My mom created a book to recognize his service by collecting insignia, patches and pins from his service. She also included photos and news clippings from foreign and domestic sources. My grandpa has since passed on, and although he lived through the tragedies and horror of that war - he carried the burden of his memories his entire life. 

I am amazed to think of the sacrifices he made to serve his country.  This book is a treasure to our family - it shows the medals he received and reminds us of the sacrifices he made at such a young age in defense of his ideals and our country's freedoms. 

So I encourage you to pause before you start your celebrations, barbecues and camping trips and take a moment out of your lives to be grateful and honor the memories of the brave souls who have fought and given their very lives for our freedom.

So whether you make a memory book with military insignia or clippings, or visit a grave, or just honor a memory...please pay respect to them in some small way today. Be grateful and remember the past so we don't repeat it. God Bless America.

Last Minute Gifts - How to decide what to get for your Mom!

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If you waited until the last minute to buy a gift for your sweet Mum - our collection is vast enough to cover the interests of a million moms. Don't believe me - scroll through our list to determine the perfect gift for Mother's Day.

If your Mom collects multiple sets of bone china, uses copper bowls because they make fluffier egg whites, and understands basic french and chemistry because she learned it from a cookbook - she needs a gift fit for JULIA CHILD!  If she knows a mandolin is not just an instrument and julienne is a cut and not just a girls name - then a new kitchen goodie is what she needs.  Think Jadeite, corning ware, a vintage hand mixer or embroidered apron for her next culinary adventure!

 These bowls are from  here  but we have a large collection of glassware in the store from bowls to butterdishes in lots of colors not just green.

These bowls are from here but we have a large collection of glassware in the store from bowls to butterdishes in lots of colors not just green.

Now if cooking leaves your Mom a little bored. Maybe you should consider something more fabulous and turn to a woman's best friend...the diamond. Or at least her shiny imposter cousin the rhinestone! So your mom needs a gift fit for GRACE KELLY! Super chic - and completely wearable - whether for a Sunday Brunch or that opera she has been dying to see - these sparkling jewels from the past will transform her into royalty!

 via  here

via here

If all of these ideas aren't quite your mom...then look to her hobbies for a clue. If she loves to make green things grow - and spends all of her time in the garden. Perhaps a creative container for one of her favorite flowering plants, or even a vintage trowel or bucket to round out her garden tool collection.  

No matter what you find for your mom - whether it is a hand embroidered handkerchief, bicycle bell, or a tiny glass figurine from the 1930's - she will love it because it comes from the best gift of all...YOU! Our gratitude and love goes out to the women who raised us, the women who influenced us as teachers or mentors  - and the women who continue to bring love and purpose into our lives regardless of our relations! Happy Mother's Day!

Election Fever

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Are you caught up in all the political debates? Whether you follow the twitter feeds of the Donald,  align yourself with Bernie or are ready for another round of Clinton leadership... Often we support our candidates by posting vehemently on Facebook, trying to convince our friends to vote our way too. We talk about it on social media and in coffee shops and cafes. I even saw a bulldog wearing a political statement on a tee shirt! Well you are following a time honored tradition of visual political support.  In the past it was buttons badges or colors. Back then social media was only as sophisticated as a conversations and rumors - and what you wore signaled your support. For women's suffrage it was three colors white, green and purple. For the presidential election it was a small button badge - with a photo or likeness of your candidate or a catch phrase enticing others to support them as well. Get swept up in the elections of the past by collecting a few of these small tokens of history.  

Besides this is way more impactful than the final four. Because depending on who wins this election will directly affect your life as the leader of this country. Choose wisely, and make sure you get a campaign button for your collection!

 Look at this gorgeous example of Lincoln's campaign button from 1860 via  wikipedia

Look at this gorgeous example of Lincoln's campaign button from 1860 via wikipedia

Vintage Dolls. Fascination or Fear? How do YOU feel about them?

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Sweet or Scary? Do you look at them and see dollar signs and investment value, fond childhood memories or just get the chills because they are looking back. It seems as though we may need to explore all the sides and one blog just will not suffice. I will have to break this into a series, a followup or two will come later on the scariness and collectibility of these little creatures.

 Cabbage Patch kids

Cabbage Patch kids

 Apple Dumpling

Apple Dumpling

First the sweetness. Strawberry Shortcake, Cabbage Patch, Barbie and Kewpie - Even the names are shockingly sweet. For me I have lots of memories. When I was about four or five years old I had a baby doll that was named Beth Ann that I regularly carried into the woods for daily adventures. Her nose had a permanent smudge from too many mud pies and picnics with pine cones and leaves as appetizers. I had a healthy imagination and my toys definitely had to keep up. She was my first doll, and i still remember clutching her tiny chubby baby hand. I also remember I got an Apple dumpling doll (sister to Strawberry Shortcake) she came with a little plastic pet turtle and smelled delicious. The manufacturer sprayed perfume on the dolls that made them all smell like desserts. It was amazing. Turns out those same vintage dolls in good condition go for a pretty penny on eBay. Even the well loved ones will still fetch about ten dollars. More in depth article here

 Strawberry Shortcake and Custard Cat

Strawberry Shortcake and Custard Cat

When I was a little older about nine - my love had shifted to dance and to ballet. My mom gave me a Sugar Plum Fairy doll for Christmas. She had perfect little pointe shoes and a sparkling tutu…and my dad took me to the Nutcracker. I was in heaven. At that age, I just knew I had to be a ballerina. Dance had replaced my fascination with toys and I never really played with that doll. I wanted to keep her perfect. I took her out of the box, admired her, but never ruffled her hair or really made her dance. Her eyes would close as she laid down and looked as though she was sleeping. She still represents a moment of perfection - of my love for dance, and my parents recognition of my passions and the beautiful optimism that only a child can have for the future.

Now I continue the tradition. My little niece recently asked for an American Doll for her birthday, she also wants a myriad of pets and accessories that accompany the doll.  But for a little backstory she is eight and still in a place where loves horses, she regularly builds fairy houses under ferns and pine branches and asks to see my cat every time we FaceTime on the the phone. I love her unabashed belief in magical things - and I am happy to feed her imagination with little friends made of plastic. Who knows in twenty years her dolls could be considered vintage and she could be writing a blog about it. There are some people who are creative enough to have their dolls write THEIR OWN blog. And they shop and go horseback riding. What a life :) Check it out here. 

So if you are in the market for a little nostalgia or looking to find a special doll from your past, visit our store and see our vintage dolls - they can be cherished for the another generation. 

Hi Ho Silver

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 Look at these darling silver matchboxes - *swoon*

Look at these darling silver matchboxes - *swoon*

Silver or silver plated? What is the difference and why should I care? 

Like the trusty steed that the Lone Ranger rode into his adventures these lovelies will shine on through and grace your dinner table for decades.

These will give you more years of service than the servants at Downton Abbey.

Now at Downton all the silver may have been one hundred percent sterling because their family came from humungous piles of riches but for the peasants like you and me - silver became more available to us in the form of silver plate. Which is like a silver and copper sandwich. Silver on top copper on the bottom, the two metals perform as one and it looks like it is pure silver! Decadence and charm! Bewitching tea sets and silver service trays that no one would be able to tell wasn't legit. (scroll down to keep reading)

We have a silversmith by the name of Thomas Boulsover to thank for this little, but significant accident. He accidentally overheated a customer's silver knife, adhering it to a copper handle by mistake. So around 1770 he quit Sheffield's Cutlers Company and started his own business with the "new silver" making buttons for a fraction of the cost. And he made a mint. But unfortunately for Thomas, silver plate is called Sheffield's silver after his original employer and not Boulsover...after him. So - long story short, silverplate is a thin coating of silver over a cheaper metal. And pure silver is marked either with a .925 or a STERLING stamp. It can also be chemically tested if it is antique. Oh did I mention silverplate is MUCH less expensive? Well it is. 

Come to Capital City Antique Mall in Salt Lake City where all of the photographed pieces in this post are available now (probably not for long though.) See the dedicated cabinet filled with silver delights, from the little elegant matchboxes and sugar tongs, to silverware, delicate serving spoons and tea sets. Either way get out your finest livery, gloves and new spring frock, bake a batch of brownies, and make like a Windsor and have High Tea with your finest silver setting - and if you are like me turn on the newest episode of Downton and get ready for some mildly scandalous and highly diverting drama. Tally-ho Silver Away!


Birthstones - Can they bring you luck, passion and a cure for arthritis?

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Gemstones have been sought after and fought after for millennia. They are prized for their high value, symbolic meaning, and some believe spiritual or physical power tracing back to the ancient Egyptians. But who are we kidding, we mostly like them cuz they are PRETTY!

Tradition has it that for each month of the year there is a stone that brings good fortune to those who are born in that month, it also can give any wearer hope, passion, decisiveness and courage...So basically if you have a problem jewelry can fix it...or more specifically a gemstone can fix it.

Feeling restless? Well get some ruby earrings and channel Dorothea ...they will make you think that there really is no place like home. Got a man with wandering eyes? Well buy him some cufflinks with sardonyx inlay - that will make him stay true. Worried you are stuck in a dead end job, an emerald ring will lift your spirits and give you hope. Got arthritis? Well then its a garnet tiara for you!  Oh did I mention Diamonds protect you from mental illness? Seriously now that I have your attention, lets use the extra day this month aka Leap Year - and get ourself to the antique store and buy that gemstone encrusted bangle you have been eyeing! Just make sure you choose wisely and don't wear the opal without a diamond it can actually do more harm than good.....ah the benefits of diamonds are limitless.  Now I am not saying stop going to the doctor and just buy some pearls, rubies and diamonds...who knows if the powers of gemstones are real, if they are not they I revert back to my original stance...they are so shiny and pretty! Anyway...the short list is below with the full descriptions following after. Find yourself a shiny jewel toned piece of heaven and believe 

 pink diamond

pink diamond

January - Garnet (Constancy)
February - Amethyst & Aquamarine (Sincerity)
March - Bloodstone (Courage)
April - Diamond (Purity)
May - Emerald (Hope)
June - Pearl & Agate (Health)
July - Ruby & Moonstone (Contentment)
August - Sardonyx (Fidelity)
September - Sapphire (Repentance)
October - Opal (Loveable)
November - Topaz & Malachite (Cheerfulness)
December - Turquoise (Unselfishness)


January - Garnet (Constancy)

Said to ward off depression and treat arthritis, anaemia, and when green, for sinus ailments eye sight and soreness of the breast. The Garnet was extremely popular with the Victorians and is the main stone related to Aquarius, but Amber, Amazonite and Hematite can be found to provide healing functions for those born in this month too, the Capricorn and the Aquarian. If you are a January baby the Diamond will bring confidence in personal abilities in this month with the White Sapphire providing much needed support in work, and the Falcon's Eye providing that creative spark. 

February - Amethyst & Aquamarine (Sincerity)

The Amethyst protects from accidents, excess and disease, and used to treat upper and middle back pain, diabetes and fatigue. Preserves affection. The Holy Grail was believed to be made from this stone whilst the Aquamarine promotes examination of the 'life-force' within the wearer, often used for the Egyptian Eye of Horus to promote inner vision.  The Aquamarine is used to treat laryngitis, nerves, hypoglycaemia, menstruation, constipation, asthma and anorexia. 

March - Bloodstone (Courage)

Used to treat many conditions and illnesses including lower back pain, anaemia, baldness, diabetes and blood pressure. The Diamond, the Ruby, the Emerald and the Amethyst bring healing functions for those born in this month in the house of Aries. The White Opal brings strength to visions and ideas, Jade calms fears, Pearl brings consolation and the Amethyst will bring protection from illness for Pisces in this month. 

April - Diamond (Purity)

Symbolic of love and affection, strength in men and pride in women. Believed to ensure longevity and protection against mental illness in ancient times. Once known as the Philosopher's Stone by alchemists. This is the stone most closely associated with the house of Aries. The Diamond brings confidence, the Emerald aids communication and the Amethyst will alleviate headaches in this month for the Aries.

May - Emerald (Hope)

Once believed to ensure fertility, symbolic of resurrection, indicates inner vision. Egyptian Eye of Horus often portrayed with this stone. In ancient Egypt the Emerald symbolised resurrection and reincarnation. Reputed to protect against eye infections, stress and diseases of the blood. Once used like the Turquoise to promote passion and arousal. The Emerald is the stone most closely associated with the house of Taurus. Here the Rose Quartz and Lapis Lazuli bring further positive qualities of imagination inspired and strengthens action. The house of Gemini lays claim on the end of the month and is associated with the Citrine, Amber, and Tourmaline.

June - Pearl & Agate (Health)

Pearl engagement rings can bring misfortune due to the changing energies of the moon upon the person, but embodies feminine innocence, purity and sweetness. Agate reputed to ward of negative energies, and once believed to provide invisibility.  The Agate has close associations with the house of Gemini and at this time the Citrine, Amber and the Tourmaline aid Communication, imagination and concentration.

July - Ruby & Moonstone (Contentment)

Changes of colour in a Ruby said to indicate the health of the wearer, and channel energy. The stone has also been used to treat headaches. Moonstone was believed to cure lunacy, yet could also bring mixed fortune due to its associations with the changing forces of the moon upon the wearer. The Moonstone and the Pearl have close associations with the house of Cancer which also brings the Peridot. Associations with the Yellow Topaz, Tiger's Eye, Ruby, and Milky Yellow Amber are important for those born in the house of Leo in this month. Relief from inner stress, received vitality, strengthening of the heart and a firm base of thought are provided by these stones.

August - Sardonyx or Peridot (Fidelity)

Said to provide courage and protection against attack, and drive out sadness. The name of the stone translates as 'conjugal felicity'. The Ruby has close associations with the house of Leo in this month. Virgo brings associations of Amethyst, Carnelian, Pyrite to this month. Freedom from worry, stress, and the strengthening of energies are provided here by these stones.

September - Sapphire (Repentance)

Considered to be a stone which brings wisdom and strengthens intuition encouraging depth of thought. Also seen as a protection against negative forces. Has been used to treat headaches. Sardonyx also has close associations with the month of September as it is the main stone for the house of Virgo as well as Leo. Pyrite is particularly important to Virgo at this time.

October - Opal (Loveable)

Believed to be able to encourage the 'third eye', often used by mystic's. Also known as the 'stone of hope and justice'. To be worn with Diamond if not born in this month. Seen as a stone to indicate health and bring good fortune in the East. The Opal will bring energy and clear decision making and Jade will strengthen the inner self and the ability to understand the impact of one's actions with care and compassion.

November - Topaz & Malachite (Cheerfulness)

Topaz brings good fortune symbolising the sun in financial terms and in relationships. Said to promote courage and wisdom. Malachite provides the ability to understand the speech of animals, and promotes spiritual well being in times of depression. The Topaz and Malachite have close associations with the house of Scorpio. The Ruby will bring inner strength this month, and courage, whilst the Garnet will exert balance on passionate whims in the material, spiritual and physical realms. The Carnelian will make sure you keep your feet on the ground at this high point in your year, whilst the Black Pearl will calm anxieties.

December - Turquoise (Unselfishness)

Brings happiness, and prosperous relationships between friends when given as a gift, and can also indicate changes in the health of the wearer. Once used to promote love and arousal! The Diamond, the Falcon's Eye and the White Sapphire can provide healing functions for those born in the house of Capricorn. For Sagittarius, the Turquoise brings protection against any form of problem this month, whilst the Amethyst will develop understanding of self and others.

This interpretation of gemstone meaning was found here, but there are many different interpretations of the meaning of gemstones. This site has an exhaustive resource of all the gems. Study for yourself or throw it all out and go for something you just like. 


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Every year my tiny local library hosts a mad hatter tea party, the attendees dress up in insanely large hats, rabbit ears and gather at a large table surrounded with books and tea and various bite-sized crumbly sweet things that go well with tea. I was unaware of it until this year when by chance I serendipitously returned a book just as the event was ending. I was delighted! Any event that promotes two of my favorite things - tea and literature is bound to be a success.

Now tea and books aren't the only things that go well together. Tea also goes well with quiet whispered conversations, intimate moments, date night, sick days, skiing, and american revolutions. Now what tea doesn't go well with? Plastic cups, styrofoam abominations and basically anything that will fill up a landfill, destroy our oceans and reek havoc on the planet. Whoa, thats the tea talking, I know, a bit much for a Friday - so onward to my point. Why continue using those icky styrofoam cups when you could have this beauty!  Imagine taking a break at your desk - someone stops in to ask you for a last minute budget report that will take hours, but then they see your teacup....a teacup that calmly tells them you are serious about tea-time and they should just come back later - they realize they have disturbed you and profusely apologize and meekly back out of your office. That is the power of the teacup. And hey you have also averted planetary disaster...for at least a little longer because of your eco-friendly choice to buy vintage at the Capital City Antique Mall.  

You could also collect a number of these lovely cups and saucers and have an event of your own - a large event with cucumber sandwiches and lemon cookies or something smaller, tea for two? And when not in use these lovely little pairs of china delight the eye and brighten up the kitchen. Needless to say these are any easy choice - and the price is practically perfect...$3.50 and up for a cup and saucer, these two were around seven dollars and are available at the store.

Oh I forgot the other nice things that go well with teacups...puppies, hedgies and duckies of course (and other little tiny creatures...HuffPost did an article here. 

Gorgeous Wedding Shoot at Capital City

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Hello amazing wedding photo shoot! These stunning shots were taken in the store for a styled shoot from Haley Hoover, an incredible Utah photographer. Her idea came to fruition early in the morning as she reserved the space here early before the store opened (YES its true, you can reserve the store for photo shoots, send us a message for info). Needless to say - her shots were on point and intensely beautiful. Here are a few of them - but feel free to click to her blog and see some of her other projects, as well as her full post on this shoot. We give the girl serious props - and thank her for showcasing the beauty of our store. These photos by Haley Hoover Photography. All of her sources for stylists, flowers etc. are listed here on her blog post.

Not just for love potion...

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The magic potion to cure any and all of your ills came in bottles of various shapes and shades. The hues varied from golden peach and brown, to pale blue, cobalt, and sea glass green. Each brimming with a, beauty, freedom from pain and discomfort, or even a cure for the brokenhearted. These claims came from reputable medical professionals and some who were just out to take advantage of a growing market.  Until 1868 there was no regulation of drugs, prescribed medicines or the ingredients found in these "cures" and often you may have gotten a side effect instead of a solution. Case in point Alice in wonderland...she drinks a bottle of mysterious liquid after falling down a rabbit hole - just because it says "DRINK ME" and then...well,  it's all walruses and mad hatters and disappearing cats after that. I think she really had a victorian cocktail meant for a stomach ache - it probably contained opium.

In all reality historical victorian cures contained laudanum - which was an opiate. There is an exhaustive article here about how widely abused it really was. Mostly as a "children's quietener",sometimes called Mother's Friend, this opium syrup caused death and severe illness in numerous babies and children, silencing them completely. Apparently they used opium derivatives to control diarrhea, relieve a cough, and “pain of every kind, affording a calm, refreshing sleep without headache." My favorite is how the doctors prescribed it for 'female troubles', and the vapours, which we all know is code for mood swings and hormones. Apparently chocolate wasn't yet prescribed.

 Under glass they look even more elegant - ah the art of the medicine bottle.  More photos from this article

Under glass they look even more elegant - ah the art of the medicine bottle. More photos from this article


It is always fun to look at the labels, for example look at the lovely ladies pictured here.  As the sad dark haired beauty sits brooding in the corner, the stage is set....You can just imagine the tagline, Suffer from acne? Here have a nibble of these absolutely harmless arsenic wafers....they will produce a lovely complexion! Did I mention they are natural and made from the purest ingredients? Yes thats one hundred percent pure poison. Don't believe me, check it out.

THE SECRET - one box
 Dr. MACKENZIE’S IMPROVED HARMLESS ARSENIC COMPLEXION WAFERS will produce the most lovely complexion that the imagination could desire, clear, fresh, free from blotch, blemish, coarseness, redness, freckles, or pimples. Post free for 4s. 6d. ; half boxes, 2s. 9d.— S. HARVEY, 5, Denman St., London Bridge, S. E. Use Dr. MacKenzie’s ARSENICAL TOILET SOAP 1s. per Tablet; No. 2, unscented, 6d. per Tablet. Made from Purest Ingredients, and Absolutely Harmless.
BEWARE OF THE MANY IMITATIONS. Have Dr. Mackenzie’s or none.

The labels are often laughable and deserve a read - before you buy that precious bottle and give it a place of prominence on your mantle, better to check what that vintage word really means - a heads up for the under-researched...piles is the vintage word for hemorrhoids. Um, ew, so wash that bad boy out.   

Plastics weren't used for pill bottles and household items until much later and so fortunately we have these glass beauties that still have their stories to tell. Since they are probably not going to be used for syrups and vitamin powder - perhaps you could use one to make your own love potion... or enhance the decor in your living room. They have many lives...I have seen antique glass medicine bottles at the ever popular Anthropologie - they use them in a store displays in creative ways.  A growing number of interior designers put this colorful glass - literally under glass. Placing them in living rooms or on bookshelves to add some sparkle and mystery, besides what doesn't kill you just makes you more interesting right? Hence the crazier the contents the more sought after the bottle.

But don't let that limit you - use them to light up a room as a handmade lamp like these guys made here
or create some decorative upcycled artwork.  Anyway here at the antique store - these little glass bottles wait patiently in gleaming clusters waiting for you to dust them off and tell their stories for them. From crazy to dark these cures will entertain and delight and make you glad that you were born in an era of plastics and real medicine that is actually backed by science.


The Best Kept Secret of the MILLIONAIRE Author...

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It isn't what you might think. Its not education or an angel investor, or even a genius IQ - let me tell you what the greats have in common....a steely friend that makes magic on paper all with satisfying clicks. The typewriter. What? You may question, a mere mechanic tool that doesn't use batteries or electricity or the internet??! Hush now,  I told you it was magic. Now read on.

Lets name drop shall we? Jack Kerouac wrote his famous novel, On the Road using a typewriter and a scroll of paper that turned out to be 120 feet long (single spaced) I am positive his publishers JUST loved it that way. Ernest HemingwayGeorge Orwell, and John Steinbeck all wrote some of the most poignant American classics on typewriters. And one author who had never written a book, said that all she "...had was an old typewriter and a big idea " and that idea was Harry Potter, and now umpteen books, movies, theme parks, etcetera etcetera she is a BILLIONAIRE!!! All I am saying is that the typewriter should NOT be dismissed.

A typewriter is better than a blank page, it is inspiration itself. Ernest Hemingway said "There is nothing to writing, All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed. In an age of digital publishing, a typewriter is an anchor to the glorious real, the missed tactile experience. Its sturdy metal body gives deeper meaning to a simple sentence. Because each key is struck, so finally, the letters imprinted on a perfect page, without a chance to erase or to edit. One must be certain before hitting a key. At the New Year we all make resolutions, but do they stick? Perhaps if we had typed them on this Remington they may have. But it isn't too late for you - this gunmetal tool for writers, list makers and aspiring novelists is for sale right now...yes this exact typewriter, Along with about 15 of his dearest friends - all waiting to go to substantial homes where they will be used!


And even if you decide to not use this machine for its true purpose, its decorative value alone is worth its weight in gold. I mean look how stylish is this lady? And she is just standing next to it!  

I have see it used as a planter, a calendar, a prop for weddings, a card or photo holder - check out this article by Apartment Therapy on how great they are - need I go on? No?

Convinced that you need to come to the antique store and adopt one of these little guys today? Well come on over before they are all gone or on etsy for four hundred dollars each - eek!  Right now they are affordable, especially when you come to the source - anywhere from about 50 dollars and up. I am telling you this little Remi is going to be one of the first to go...make sure you look at the one one behind the cashier - it is small enough for you to put in your purse or man bag and take on the plane! Earliest tap-laptop ever! WORD.

So in conclusion...stop texting on your phone and start writing the next great American novel....ON A TYPEWRITER.

The Art of Manliness - What your lunchbox says about you!

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If you are reading this thinking of your sadly wrapped, sea foam green fabric covered, misshapen lump of a lunch with its printed elephants, unfortunately knowing that it closely resembles a large child's diaper - perhaps you should re-evaluate what your lunchbox is saying about you. As it sits in the over crowded work fridge, silently labeling you as the man whose wife shops for him and has no sense of fashion of his own merit. It is time to rebel, and allow your playful, ironic or manly side come into play - and invite co-workers to notice, nay, openly gawk and admire the box of tin and aluminum that has survived decades and says, " I AM a lunch of a deeply interesting and stylish person."  

So obviously a box of this caliber can't come from Walmart - to inspire conversation and ensure lunchroom envy it has to come from the antique store. Duh. Take a look at a few of the gems I found and what they will say about you and your epic lunch.

1 - The Bonafide lady-killer. You can rock a man mullet fro with the best of them. You have a dead sexy car that talks to you and basically -- You are in for a helluva ride.

2 - You are patriotic, protective and extremely Pro-Second Amendment. This is your version of tupperware....and Bambi jerky is inside.

3 - A truthful, mysterious, ruggedly handsome boy scout. You are all about righting wrongs and you truly believe justice will prevail. And you wear the white hat well.

4 - And of course, the James Dean of lunch boxes. This says you are a legend. A rebel, a free spirit who rides a motorcycle just to feel the speed and the wind in his hair. Manliness incarnate.

So take your pick - or switch it up as you go back to school or back to work. Know that the pink printed butterflies and rainbow kittens on your old bag are doing you no favors and getting you no respect or new attention - so drop that bag off at goodwill and find a unique bag that tells your story - and keeps your food fresh and unsquished.

Oh and I lied about the rainbow kittens, that would actually score you points...I was trying to be dramatic...but I went too far. I can see that now. Keep Calm and Get Your Lunch On.

Does Your Marriage Date Predict Your Happiness?

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Do you believe a date can predict the happiness in your marriage?  We have reached the summer of love, when weddings are almost every weekend, taking advantage of the warm weather and relaxed atmosphere.  In every culture there are superstitions and traditions that surround the union of a couple. Wearing white, in addition to something borrowed, blue and old will ensure your luck and success in marriage.  

Traditionally, verses were followed to dictate the most auspicious or lucky date to marry. Each global tradition is different - see if your marriage month predicted your happiness correctly! Also look at these lovely antique brides for some fashion inspiration :)

"Married when the year is new, he'll be loving, kind and true.
When February birds do mate, You wed nor dread your fate.
If you wed when March winds blow, joy and sorrow both you'll know.
Marry in April when you can, Joy for Maiden and for Man.
Marry in the month of May, and you'll surely rue the day.
Marry when June roses grow, over land and sea you'll go.
Those who in July do wed, must labour for their daily bred.
Whoever wed in August be, many a change is sure to see
Marry in September's shrine, your living will be rich and fine.
If in October you do marry, love will come but riches tarry.
If you wed in bleak November, only joys will come, remember.
When December snows fall fast, marry and true love will last."

“Married in January’s hoar and rime, Widowed you’ll be before your prime.
Married in February’s sleepy weather, Life you’ll tread in time together.
Married when March winds shrill and roar, Your home will lie on a distant shore.
Married ‘neath April’s changeful skies, A chequered path before you lies.
Married when bees o’er May-blossoms flit, Strangers around your board will sit.
Married in month of roses - June - Life will be one long honeymoon.
Married in July with flowers ablaze, Bitter-sweet memories in after days.
Married in August’s heat and drowse, Lover and friend in your chosen spouse.
Married in September’s golden glow, Smooth and serene your life will go.
Married when leaves in October thin, Toil and hardships for you begin.
Married in veils of November mist, Fortune your wedding-ring has kissed.
Married in days of December’s cheer, Love’s star shines brighter from year to year.”

"Monday for health
Tuesday for wealth
Wednesday best of all
Thursday for losses
Friday for crosses
Saturday for no luck at all."

o time to go to the antique store - pick up some gorgeous photos of weddings past - or an antique veil or small blue earrings - after all it will be something that is old, new to you AND blue! So keep up the traditions and share any photos of your antique or vintage wedding inspiration!

Game Night

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Long nights of card playing, laughter and good-natured rivalries was the magic of game night. Our family bonded over Boardwalk and Park Place, shooting the moon and the little black bird known as a rook. We celebrated family birthdays with dinners and cake always followed by the ritual clearing of the table and few rounds of Hearts or Rummy. Game playing is an ancient tradition - one that holds more value than just that of a past time. It teaches how to operate within parameters, with clear rules and consequences. It demonstrates how it isn't always fair and you must deal with the hand chance has dealt you, although as your skill increases so does your luck.

My father taught me how to play chess with a beautiful carved set he bought when traveling. Each piece was intricate and beautiful. The lessons I learned were more than anticipating my opponent. I cherish those times with my Father. Many games have changed through the years and therefore are worth snatching up if you want to share them with your family. Game tiles can be quite valuable as they used to be made from bone, ivory or ceramic.

Some games have fallen completely from popularity...My grandmother had a card game called "How Silas popped the question." It was a victorian era card game where Silas had questions for his beloved - they were mostly silly questions until you got the one where he asked her to marry him, and then the game was over. Now, it may not be as titillating as some of the LARP games online, but hey I remember my sister and I laughing pretty hard at the antiquated game. All I am saying is June is an excellent time for late nights of family bonding. So skip the grocery store games and get one that is vintage or antique that will challenge your mind and make your soul sing. There are plenty to choose from - so get shopping!