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Let the festivities begin!

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Hark back to a time before tablets, phones and devices,  when families still gathered to entertain themselves with Charles Dickens' story of Scrooge, delighting in his ghostly adventures and sharing egg nog and cocoa.  Bright eyed with excitement, children placed a small offering of a cookies and milk in hopes that a rather obese elf would be enticed to stay a little longer - perhaps leaving an extra gift under the tree if the cookies were especially delicious.  Every Christmas morning - I would race down to see....and there it was! Irrefutable proof that Santa did exist! His plate of crumbs said so! 

This year start the magic with the gift of Christmas sweets! Because Santa shouldn't be the only one that gets to enjoy gingerbread men, chocolate pie and crumbcake! Break out the rolling pins, sifters, mixers and cookie cutters and lets get some flour on our faces. Start a new tradition with heirloom bakeware that will warm the season with treats this year!