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O Tannenbaum - How to keep your Christmas tree happy.

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Has your living room recently been the recipient of a rather large woodsy new friend? Is it tall and green and somewhat lacking in decoration? Does it miss the mountain forest or tree lot from which it came? Well let me tell you it needs a little frosting? Frosting you absurd! No, I say an evergreen tree is happier when the snow falls like sparkling diamonds on its branches, deck your tree with shiny treasures, that remind us of the beauty of the season. At Capital City Antique Mall we have vintage glass baubles and chandelier prisms that will make your tree sparkle. Keep Christmas looking its best with ornaments that are well kept and cleaned.

Glass and painted ceramics can be dusted with a soft cotton cloth that will not scratch or mar the vintage patina or decoration.  Any stubborn marks can be removed with a little rubbing alcohol and a cotton pad.  Sterlings and metals should be treated as such and cleaned with special cleansers specific to each unique metal. 

As for the needs of your tree - keep it well watered in a stand that has a waterwell at its base, as evergreens are quite thirsty and its needles tend to fall off if it is not watered.