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Managing jewels and accessories in a pretty and pleasing way

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I got a lovely silver cuff from my sister as a present, and heart necklace from my step-mom. Where to keep all of these small treasures? Sometimes it becomes somewhat tedious to sift through a pile of tangled chains and pendants to just find one. Or you may be like me and have a small cat that thinks its her job to push any unattended item on the dresser onto the floor. She has a particular fancy for rings and earrings - scattering them in short order under beds and behind closet doors - making the hunt for good accessories truly maddening. I found that putting them in groups or hanging them is often the best way to store my baubles and pretties without hiding them in a drawer or box somewhere to be forgotten. This way they are safe from being scattered by the furry jewel thief and yet they are displayed so prettily it almost becomes part of the decor. At Capital City Antiques there are an array of curiosities that could be used for display. Anything from old rakes, hooks and nautical equipment to large wooden bunnies, glass statues, and carved ethiopian antelopes.  Really your imagination is the key. 


Don't feel left out if you are a dude. My dad likes to have a caddy for tie clips, cufflinks and safety pins, since he uses them with when putting his dirty socks in the laundry so they don't lose their mates. He is so organized it puts everyone else to shame really:)  Small tin compartments that are partitioned - old cigar boxes, reusing plates and tea saucers.  My favorites are ideas window panes with hooks, a girl who used old silverware in a totally creative way - and of course my own bunny fantastic. I sense a recurring post!! Perhaps I should showcase new jewelry stands and storage - as we like to change and continue to organize for the new year! Happy organizing ladies and gents.