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Let's hear it for the color of the year!

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Every year for the past fifteen years the Pantone Institute of Color chooses a new gorgeous shade that will represent the coming year. This color of the year will appear on fashion runways, in interior design, and in makeup palettes and beauty lines. Believe it or not this small but mighty committee is very influential. 

So as we bid adieu to last year's radiant orchid, drumroll please.....we usher in 2015, the new, the rich and sumptuous color of Marsala!


Marsala is a robust wine red that is flattering to skin tones and easy to pair in design! Its earthy, dense hue surrounds us with warmth and vibrance. Some people have been overly critical since the hue's unveiling - saying it reminds them of rust or refried beans. But I think its refreshing to have a mid-shade that isn't a pastel for spring. I think the color palette for this year harks back to the seventies - but not the pea green and sick yellow, its the warm oranges and muted rich tones that created a decade that still stands out. 

So lets break out the paintbrushes, ink pads, color swatches and get shopping, because this color is going to be big! Here are some color inspiration shots to get you thinking on how you can get ahead of the trend incorporate this color into your new year with some unique vintage style!