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Can Pink make you happier?

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Flamingos, salmon, sunsets, prosciutto, and most disney princesses are all pink. The history of the super light red shade is a long one...but what we know for sure is it lightens our moods and makes us feel a little bit better!  Studies have shown that looking at warm, bright colors such as read or pink, releases dopamine (aka the "feel-good hormone) which can improve our mood, heighten our attention span and even boost our sex drive.  So find something that will pink you up a little this February! Brighten up that totally drab home office desk with a pink phone! Even if you don't have a landline. Show your kitchen a little love and gift it some rose colored glass to adorn its cupboards.  Vintage glassware can really perk up a dinner party and why not indulge in the color of love, maybe its pink shades will inspire a little amore at a dinner party for two.

And for those of you looking for a little history of the holiday of pink and red... the legends of St. Valentine are many, and most convey that the priest helped couples in love to marry or that he wrote the first note of love inscribed with "your Valentine" (wikipedia article here) we aren't sure of his role in history, but we can thank him for giving us an annual reminder to think rosy thoughts, and give tokens of love to show our affection for others. It isn't just a romantic holiday - we can show love to friends and family - really anyone!

So get out there, show some love...and THINK PINK!