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Quick Investment for a Rainy Day

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Tired of investing your money in stodgy ways that never see the light and bring you no pleasure until they are once again liquid assets? Consider your hand at collecting original art. Many think that collecting original works is out of their budget but often contemporary works are quite within reach. 

Antique stores carry art gleaned from forgotten estates that may prove to be valuable.  Look for signatures, dates on the back of the canvas or any essential clues that might lead to knowledge of its identity. Use image search and ebay to determine if they are any similar pieces to judge its value.  Often the best clue is the frame, much like fashion and architecture, each decade bears a unique look which like a stamp advertises its age. 

Art evokes feeling, and should move you to possess it.  Above all you should enjoy and love the works you purchase - allowing you to reap some of the reward of your investment now, instead of having to save it all for a rainy day!