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Dyed and gone to heaven

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So what do you do when you buy a vintage piece of clothing that has a spot on it. *Gasp* Its already been worn!!! Shocker. Most used, vintage or antique clothing has been previously loved and may have a few repairs to make.  I found this gorgeous white silk blouse with an unsightly orange spot on it on the ARMPIT, Cordon Bleu - its ruined - the gorgeous winter white is not worth having….but wait….there may be hope. So I go through the rigors of trying to remove the stain with ALL kinds of things - nothing worked, not spot remover, color remover, era, tide, bleach, vinegar, club soda….nothing…I promise I tried it all. So I turned to the talented team of people who developed color dye palettes at Rit Studios.  They have the latest colors in easy to follow recipes. Check the spring line out here.

What luck I could have an on-trend color in my closet with a vintage look! So I decided to try toasted almond.

Toasted Almond

2 tsp Tan
1 tsp Petal Pink
1/8 tsp Pearl Grey
1 Quart Water

 I followed the instructions on the Rit dye box:

1 - First I got a large tub of water that would completely cover the shirt, filled it with about a quart and a half of hot water, let the shirt sit in the water.  

2 - I added a cup of white vinegar to help with color steadfastness 

3 - I mixed the powder dyes into liquid form then measured them according to the directions.

4 - I stirred the shirt constantly for about 15 minutes ...and because I wanted it a little darker I added more tan and grey.....and then let it dry on a rack....AND THEN!!! (Scroll down to see the finished product)

Voila! Gorgeous warm toasted almond - A little toastier than the original color, I added extra dye to cover the stain completely. The unexpected thing was the thread didn't take the dye like the shirt did. I learned natural fabrics take the dye so much better than poly blends and the shirt was silk but the thread must have been polyester.  Added bonus as it turned out beautifully! Bring on the spring!