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Spring! The Beginning of Planting Season

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If you have ever yearned to dig in the black earth, be one with nature and and bring forth a fine crop of juicy strawberries, peas or tomatoes....Now is the time to get planting! Spring is a time to enjoy the blooms of the perennial bulbs such as the cheery daffodils and the satin shine of the rich hued tulips.  As most avid gardeners know - with the warming temperatures and melted snow the earth yields easily to spade and trowel - allowing seeds to take route and flourish. Here in Utah it is short lived, however, as the summer progresses and the strong desert sun bakes the earth - the ground becomes about as soft and yielding as concrete. So its time to take stock, and replenish your garden toolkit.  

Trowels, hoes, shovels, spades and rakes are by far the most common tools you will find and often they have a character that is all their own, ranging from lovely patinas and hardwood handles to mixed metals or a more elegant design.  Inspect the tool for any makers marks, metal content, which can make the tool valuable, and then make a purchase. Check the joints, condition of the wood and metal to make sure the structure is still sound - ensuring the tool will be strong for a long time. Better to have a garden tool that has many successful seasons under his belt that one from a big box store that is mass produced and has little soul. Did I mention these tools are usually a bargain? Antique tools are often cheaper than those you find brand new. So get out there and start the hunt for the perfect gardening companion...and if tilling the earth isn't your thing, well tools make for excellent rustic decor!

Novice gardener? Want a little advice on how to get started? Amazon has a wealth of books on the subject here. As well as your local library- which I love to patronize :) Just search for the subject "gardening" or even by state to get the best results. This book is one I am going to read next!