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I have a number of books that are from my great grandfather's collection. These books are priceless in my eyes because of the family connection.  I cherish the bookplates inside that say "from the library of" and bear his ever so elegant signature, I would never sell them. 

That being said, I am somewhat of a book hoarder and I have piles of books from various locations and trips that I need to sell.  Now if the books aren't modern enough for an ISBN number you have to search by individual book.  Here comes the fun part!

So I am using a 1927 edition of Advanced Geography by the Macmillan Company to use as my test book.  Its old and doesn't have an ISBN so it fits the bill.  So I entered the book title, year and publisher - Presto! Comparative pricing :)

1- Book Finder - Easily found my book, there was a seller who priced it at $23.00
2- Amazon - could not find my book :( I recently met a bookseller who said 80% of books are sold on Amazon but most of them are modern - vintage and antique books are harder to value and sell.
3- - Easily found my book, and it had the most comprehensive information, including pages, publishers and contributors. Very nice. Similar copy valued at $20.00
4- - I really liked this search site because it searched halfprice, amazon, abebooks and others showing three books from different sites. If you only use one site I would go to this one! Copies from $20-23.00

Now you could search through the internet for hours or simply box up the books you want to get rid of and take them to a bookseller. Sam Wellers takes rare and and vintage books and so does Capital City Antiques.  A quick solution to overstuffed bookshelves and leaves you room to peruse for more! We will explore book arts next week as my tribute to NATIONAL BOOK MONTH continues!