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Cat Lady Chic

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Time to embrace your inner cat lady and indulge in all things feline. There are a host of superstitions, stories and stereotypes that surround the mysterious cat. Are cats unlucky? Well it depends on where you live.  In America, black cats are unlucky, in Japan and Britain the opposite is true. Egyptians revered cats as an incarnation of Bastet, the playful goddess of protection - thought to be the daughter of Ra.  

Now angry cats, cats with hats and cats that speak are memes on the internet,  and we have coined phrases like 'crazy cat lady' insinuating that if woman owns a cat - she must slowly be losing her sanity or she is just trying to fill a hole in an otherwise unfulfilled life . False! Look at all the talented, incredible women who have owned cats and all they have accomplished! If you are a cat lady, fear not - you are in excellent company. Here is a list of cat ladies to look up to....former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton (current presidential hopeful), Taylor Swift, Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn), Elizabeth Taylor, Dolly Parton  - and about a million more!  Along with the leading ladies above the gents have a soft spot in their hearts too! Abraham Lincoln, and JFK had cats in the white house; Mark Twain and Albert Einstein sang the praises of the furry, purring pets. “When a man loves cats, I am his friend and comrade, without further introduction.” - Mark Twain

   Karl Lagerfeld says his fluffy white siamese,   Choupette, is a 'famous beauty' and is his muse.    S  he even has her own twitter account.

Karl Lagerfeld says his fluffy white siamese, Choupette, is a 'famous beauty' and is his muse.  She even has her own twitter account.

I am not saying you need to buy the real thing - but maybe a little cat decor to bring some luck into your own life. Hey if cats are good enough for Elvis....then why wait?!

So jump on the cat wagon, and catch on to a trend that is only going to get bigger. Shed these silly stereotypes from your life and we can return to our pre-internet days where cats and humans co-existed peacefully and stylishly. Embrace your inner cat lady and buy a lamp or replica of this feline divine. I guarantee it will lift your spirits - and bring you luck, no matter the color!