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Game Night

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Long nights of card playing, laughter and good-natured rivalries was the magic of game night. Our family bonded over Boardwalk and Park Place, shooting the moon and the little black bird known as a rook. We celebrated family birthdays with dinners and cake always followed by the ritual clearing of the table and few rounds of Hearts or Rummy. Game playing is an ancient tradition - one that holds more value than just that of a past time. It teaches how to operate within parameters, with clear rules and consequences. It demonstrates how it isn't always fair and you must deal with the hand chance has dealt you, although as your skill increases so does your luck.

My father taught me how to play chess with a beautiful carved set he bought when traveling. Each piece was intricate and beautiful. The lessons I learned were more than anticipating my opponent. I cherish those times with my Father. Many games have changed through the years and therefore are worth snatching up if you want to share them with your family. Game tiles can be quite valuable as they used to be made from bone, ivory or ceramic.

Some games have fallen completely from popularity...My grandmother had a card game called "How Silas popped the question." It was a victorian era card game where Silas had questions for his beloved - they were mostly silly questions until you got the one where he asked her to marry him, and then the game was over. Now, it may not be as titillating as some of the LARP games online, but hey I remember my sister and I laughing pretty hard at the antiquated game. All I am saying is June is an excellent time for late nights of family bonding. So skip the grocery store games and get one that is vintage or antique that will challenge your mind and make your soul sing. There are plenty to choose from - so get shopping!