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The Best Kept Secret of the MILLIONAIRE Author...

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It isn't what you might think. Its not education or an angel investor, or even a genius IQ - let me tell you what the greats have in common....a steely friend that makes magic on paper all with satisfying clicks. The typewriter. What? You may question, a mere mechanic tool that doesn't use batteries or electricity or the internet??! Hush now,  I told you it was magic. Now read on.

Lets name drop shall we? Jack Kerouac wrote his famous novel, On the Road using a typewriter and a scroll of paper that turned out to be 120 feet long (single spaced) I am positive his publishers JUST loved it that way. Ernest HemingwayGeorge Orwell, and John Steinbeck all wrote some of the most poignant American classics on typewriters. And one author who had never written a book, said that all she "...had was an old typewriter and a big idea " and that idea was Harry Potter, and now umpteen books, movies, theme parks, etcetera etcetera she is a BILLIONAIRE!!! All I am saying is that the typewriter should NOT be dismissed.

A typewriter is better than a blank page, it is inspiration itself. Ernest Hemingway said "There is nothing to writing, All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed. In an age of digital publishing, a typewriter is an anchor to the glorious real, the missed tactile experience. Its sturdy metal body gives deeper meaning to a simple sentence. Because each key is struck, so finally, the letters imprinted on a perfect page, without a chance to erase or to edit. One must be certain before hitting a key. At the New Year we all make resolutions, but do they stick? Perhaps if we had typed them on this Remington they may have. But it isn't too late for you - this gunmetal tool for writers, list makers and aspiring novelists is for sale right now...yes this exact typewriter, Along with about 15 of his dearest friends - all waiting to go to substantial homes where they will be used!


And even if you decide to not use this machine for its true purpose, its decorative value alone is worth its weight in gold. I mean look how stylish is this lady? And she is just standing next to it!  

I have see it used as a planter, a calendar, a prop for weddings, a card or photo holder - check out this article by Apartment Therapy on how great they are - need I go on? No?

Convinced that you need to come to the antique store and adopt one of these little guys today? Well come on over before they are all gone or on etsy for four hundred dollars each - eek!  Right now they are affordable, especially when you come to the source - anywhere from about 50 dollars and up. I am telling you this little Remi is going to be one of the first to go...make sure you look at the one one behind the cashier - it is small enough for you to put in your purse or man bag and take on the plane! Earliest tap-laptop ever! WORD.

So in conclusion...stop texting on your phone and start writing the next great American novel....ON A TYPEWRITER.