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Every year my tiny local library hosts a mad hatter tea party, the attendees dress up in insanely large hats, rabbit ears and gather at a large table surrounded with books and tea and various bite-sized crumbly sweet things that go well with tea. I was unaware of it until this year when by chance I serendipitously returned a book just as the event was ending. I was delighted! Any event that promotes two of my favorite things - tea and literature is bound to be a success.

Now tea and books aren't the only things that go well together. Tea also goes well with quiet whispered conversations, intimate moments, date night, sick days, skiing, and american revolutions. Now what tea doesn't go well with? Plastic cups, styrofoam abominations and basically anything that will fill up a landfill, destroy our oceans and reek havoc on the planet. Whoa, thats the tea talking, I know, a bit much for a Friday - so onward to my point. Why continue using those icky styrofoam cups when you could have this beauty!  Imagine taking a break at your desk - someone stops in to ask you for a last minute budget report that will take hours, but then they see your teacup....a teacup that calmly tells them you are serious about tea-time and they should just come back later - they realize they have disturbed you and profusely apologize and meekly back out of your office. That is the power of the teacup. And hey you have also averted planetary disaster...for at least a little longer because of your eco-friendly choice to buy vintage at the Capital City Antique Mall.  

You could also collect a number of these lovely cups and saucers and have an event of your own - a large event with cucumber sandwiches and lemon cookies or something smaller, tea for two? And when not in use these lovely little pairs of china delight the eye and brighten up the kitchen. Needless to say these are any easy choice - and the price is practically perfect...$3.50 and up for a cup and saucer, these two were around seven dollars and are available at the store.

Oh I forgot the other nice things that go well with teacups...puppies, hedgies and duckies of course (and other little tiny creatures...HuffPost did an article here.