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Memorial Day

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Many Americans view Memorial Day as an opportunity for a three day weekend or as the official beginning of summer. Most don't even know the meaning or history of Memorial Day.  

Well, allow me to educate you if you don't know the history of this special day. Today is the day to honor those who have fallen while fighting to preserve and protect their country.  The freedoms that you and I enjoy are thanks to the men and women who have died fighting for us. We have been given the gifts of freedom and relative peace because of their sacrifice, and Memorial day is a day for us to honor and respect their deeds and lives. 

My Grandpa served in WWII as paratrooper in the 101st Airborne division. My mom created a book to recognize his service by collecting insignia, patches and pins from his service. She also included photos and news clippings from foreign and domestic sources. My grandpa has since passed on, and although he lived through the tragedies and horror of that war - he carried the burden of his memories his entire life. 

I am amazed to think of the sacrifices he made to serve his country.  This book is a treasure to our family - it shows the medals he received and reminds us of the sacrifices he made at such a young age in defense of his ideals and our country's freedoms. 

So I encourage you to pause before you start your celebrations, barbecues and camping trips and take a moment out of your lives to be grateful and honor the memories of the brave souls who have fought and given their very lives for our freedom.

So whether you make a memory book with military insignia or clippings, or visit a grave, or just honor a memory...please pay respect to them in some small way today. Be grateful and remember the past so we don't repeat it. God Bless America.