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DIY First Aid Kit

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Its official, Summer is here and with it comes high adventure, pools, backyard projects and barbecues, family gatherings and hours of outdoor play. Now with every woodworking project, hike, camping trip or pool party there are bound to be a few slips, spills, slivers and skinned knees. So like any good boy or girl scout - you should be prepared for almost anything. But instead of heading to the local grocery store - lets go to Capital City Antique Mall!

We are going to make our own kit with our very own vintage box!  This DIY First Aid Kit combines form and function and will hold a place of honor in your home - and in the end it is cheaper and better for the environment than buying dozens of disposable plastic kits from big box stores that never seem to have more than two bandaids and inexplicably thread and a needle. So here is a list of what you need to get your kit going. 

1 - Find a box - wood or metal works best. Old army surplus containers or file boxes are especially useful. 

If you are lucky you may come across an actual first aid box but if not the patina is usually wonderful and if not with a few coats of paint and a red cross sticker you will be in business. 

There is a gorgeous DIY here detailing how she scrubbed, then painted and sanded and painted again to create a glossy white enamel look. I like the look of the round swiss cross so I would use the stickers here but you can also purchase a diecut red cross from amazon. Either way take a look at her finished project. 

So now that you are finished with the exterior - painted or left alone we move on to the second step.

2 - If you have not already done so - thoroughly clean and disinfect your box. Bleach mixed with water (using gloves of course and adult supervision) or vinegar should do the trick.

3 - Last step fill your box with essentials, the red cross has a list from their site.

The Red Cross recommends that all first aid kits for a family of four include the following:

A bottle of water, sunscreen and some hard candy or honey sticks wouldn't hurt to have in your kit either, 'cause sun stroke and heat exhaustion are no joke. Add anything else that you might think you need - or anything that your doctor recommends. Bearing in mind of course that if you need medical treatment you should consult a doctor or a hospital as your kit will not always save you. ( i.e. we are not doctors nor do we dispense any advice on treatment etc.) 

Now you get to step back and enjoy your handiwork. Now give yourself a nice pat on the back and go make yourself an icy drink - you deserve it.