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Nautical or Nice? Bringing the Summer Indoors.

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As summer begins to heat up - we seek refuge in the cool waves of the lakes and beaches that surround us. Visions of boats, blue skies and warm days taunt us as we work indoors waiting for the few precious holidays that dot the summer calendar like oyster pearls that sparkle in the sun. Welcome the warm breezes and relaxed atmosphere of the seaside into your home by incorporating nautically inspired items into your decor. 

1. Vintage bottles - Reminiscent of sea glass, alone they look gorgeous or in a grouping.  Arrange your sea treasures in bottles or collect sand from your next adventure for the beach. Either way it creates a stunning display that will immediately put you oceanside.

2. Oars - They add a lovely bit of nautical flair and the weathered wood always pairs nicely with crisp whites or cool blues. Lean them or hang them or make a bed out of them either way you would be crazy not to pick up on this trend.

3. Lanterns, Life floats, ships rope or anchors, anything coming from a ship is fair game. It also can be used literally or as a pattern or shape. 

4. Textures and palette. Cotton fabrics in soft shades of the sea and sky, weathered zinc, copper or painted woods, sisal and seashells and navy stripes all contribute to a fresh new look that can transport you the minute you come home.

 Many of these lovely photos came from the stylings of Sarah  here  or from  the snug

Many of these lovely photos came from the stylings of Sarah here or from the snug

5. Maps - there are an abundance of maps in the creative commons that you can print for your own personal use. This gorgeous antique map of the world is available for free download here . Just print it and put it to use. Enjoy!

Come see what antiques we can procure to get your home shipshape and sea inspiring! Antiques ahoy!