Capital City Antique Mall

Google has arrived in Salt Lake City...and they came to the Capital City Antique Mall!

Capital City Antique MallComment

So if any of you are fans of Google and its gaggle of products - you will be super stoked to know they have now chosen us to be one of the lucky cities to receive the lightning fast internet service known as Google Fiber.  Hurrah! And to put a cherry on it - the designers of the Utah Google Fiber office came to Capital City Antique Mall for their decor. They chose items which showcase Utah and its history, as well as items that were the signature Google blue.

So they are a shining example of how to incorporate a few curated piece into a more modern or contemporary design. Take a look at their gorgeous office downtown! We are so glad you are here Google! If you are interested in finding more you can visit their office in Trolley Square or just visit them at their website online here.