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Satisfy your Wanderlust

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The first day of Spring has just passed and our cubicles and office work just can't keep our attention. Our turn outside and dream of warm days filled with adventure! Motorcycle trips up the canyon, watching the desert sunset...And think what will be on the menu for that first neighborhood barbecue. Unfortunately the weather in March as volatile and tempestuous as a two year old. One minute calm and 65 degrees...the next its all storm clouds and slushy snow showers. Cue sad face. So to satiate our wanderlust - grab a vintage guidebook and replenish your stash of vintage postcards and make a travel bullet journal of all the places you will go when the sun finally comes to stay. 

We have stacks and stacks of visual Americana to get you in the mood for baseball, parties and picnics. Maybe you should reach into the box pull out a postcard and plan a trip there. You may fall in love with the spontaneaity of it all and find a new favorite getaway town. Austin? Cinncinati? Flagstaff?! Who knows!

Don't forget to include home base as a starting point of all the adventures. Salt Lake City is a proud little city with a rich heritage and gorgeous landscapes. Maybe a staycation is order if you have never been to the state capital or been mountain biking in Park City. Outside of the city the Great Salt Lake and Antelope Island...not to mention all of our state and national parks...alas those are too grand to cover in one post so I will save their juicy secrets for later.


Start your adventure here at Capital City Antique never know where it might take you! See you soon!